7 of Swords

Minor arcana means small mysteries (also singular mystery ). So, why this card? The imagery, the numbers, the colors, the timing, the placement, are all variables that takes you into the mysterious conglomerate based on the law that everything happens for a reason. And that reason is always for your highest and greatest good. Even when the reason does not make sense or is wholly unknowable. It’s all meant for the evolution of your soul.

7 of Swords upright is generally about trust and the reverse is about doubt and that’s one interpretation. The main thing is the card’s message points you in the best direction. You must allow all the variables to touch your heavenly brain receptors. Answers, through divine intervention, come to you to help you solve your problem. The subconscious mind operates 6 times faster than your conscious mind. That’s quick computing power! Tap into that.

Page of Cups

There are so many children in the world! There’s the wounded child, the divine child, the spectrum child, the indigo child, the war child, the ad-infinitum child to name a few. All of them are innocent. Just like you.

The Page of Cups is the Water Child. Think spirit, think wave-like fluidness of the quantum-continuum. She invites you to have a splash. Think child of flow. Yeah! Ooh Yeah!

The shadow of this little cup shows signs of immaturity. If you’re the 35-years/old-living-in-your-parents-basement-child, could this next part be for you? Recognize emotional triggers and purge anxious, congested energies through breathing exercises. Through your nose, inhale once, exhale twice. Then reverse that for 3 reps each way. Yow! Also, be considerate of how your drama effects others. Moreover, the Page of Cups is the empathetic child.

Queen of Coins

Each of the 4 queens in a tarot deck represent women of the world with their strengths aligned to their element. Swords is air, Cups is water, Wands is fire and the Queen of Coins is aligned with Earth. From this down-to-earth queen comes mothering and materialism. She’s a good sign if you’re planning a financial undertaking. When you see the Queen of Coins, you’d do well to take counsel with the women in your life. Call mom.

The queen is the social power in the world. While the king often absconds with that holding. This Queen shepards with compassion and nurturing. She’s likely to put her money into social programs, education, and betterment of vulnerable peoples. She’s La Maestra and instructs you to invest in the same.

The Queen of Coins played in reverse leads you into spending too much and going into debt for extravagance. Don’t be naive or slow to plan your next move. Secrets are kept from you. Don’t worrying about that. You’re on a need to know basis only when in the shadow side of this queen. For clarity, embrace your feminine side.

9 of Cups

Up-right the 9 of Cups has you in a fine state of mind. You worked and studied and created your life and now you’re finding balance. Things are stable enough that you’re ready to add one more stressor to your life. It could be getting a dog, or writing that book, becoming an activist. There’s something more inside you. Dreams, goals and a superb energy that will get you there. In the least this card asks to make your next move with confidence and enthusiasm. Even if the only thing you want to do is relax in a hammock. If abundance is working in your life then try giving to something greater than yourself.

The shadow side of the Nine of Cups, when played upside down, finds you working your butt off and seemingly getting nowhere. You’re still due for the abundance this card predicts when played up right yet you’re experiencing the usual grind. For now it’s the same old shit. Adapt an attitude of grace and the struggles will be temporary.

I Wizard

When you put the tarot deck in order, Right after The Fool (Zero), The Wizard appears 1st. This is your first lesson. You are a child of God.

The Wizard, also known as The Magician actually has two eyes. The other eye is in the back of his head. You are born with the ability to become a supernatural and ultimately use your supernatural powers to manifest a good life. While The Wizard is very good at doing a lot of magic tricks, you don’t need a lot of tricks. Just one. This really simplifies things. Just do your best ever at the one magic trick. As a Child of God, you’re eligible to experiment with all the powers and responsibilities worthy of that title. Just stay on task and pour your heart, mind, and soul into it that one magnificent, miraculous mystical, magical trick!

The reversed or Shadow side of The Wizard points to someone who is using their supernatural powers to help the axis of evil. Or they’re tempted to partake in it. One reason The Wizard comes first is because before continuing your adventure you’re supposed to learn that you have the ability to manifest your desires . Ask yourself if your desires are life giving or death dealing.

10 of Wands

Losing your grip happens a lot when you’re living in a codependent relationship. To be clear there’s healthy codependency and then there’s the madness. The 10 of wands is saying be aware that some of the stress you’re feeling may be of your own doing. You can take responsibility for that which is in your control.

This card may also be telling you that you’re acting a little crazy. You might have to ask for help. Maybe you need therapy. Now, don’t get your jiggala-out-of-joint because someone’s wanting you to get therapy. Obviously you’re a good person who deserves to have love and joy in your life. Try massage therapy. It is said that a course of massage therapy is equal in magnitude to the same in psychotherapy. You will only benefit.

Played in reverse, you’re falling short of your aim. Maybe you’re wanting to give-up. Which isn’t a good idea because you’d regret not trying your best. Know when to stop and to say no. Try stress management techniques to vanquish your inner strife. Breathe.

2 of Swords

The 2 of Swords is Loaded with nuance. For instance, two swords in a pointy scissor shape. Yikes! Ever hear about fear of castration? Nonetheless, this is a strong empowering card to play. I’m certain you can see why. When the Two of Swords is played up-right you’re asked to stick with your convictions. Just face your fears. You know you have it in you on some level. Just check in with your heart. Or do you need to do more inner work? It’s ok. Everybody is on a different journey. Take action but be kind. This is a time for methodical introspective resolution. Or MIR. Basically this is a way of getting to know yourself better which makes easy-going decision making.

Played upside down, you’re asked to dig deeper. The reward will be inner peace. However, Sticking with your convictions will be harder than you think because of competing ideas. Try to express yourself creatively to prevent self-inflicted overload. Remember, you’re not a victim.

7 of Coins

When The 7 of coins shows up in a reading, it means to plan for your financial future. Planning is equivalent to saving. Anyway you look at it, coins represent money and money is energy, the energy you want to have to make life possible. You have to save enough but don’t be preoccupied about getting more and more. In a world of lack verses excess, you want to find yourself in the middle of that spectrum. Balance is the secret to having it all. Be considerate of exactly what you want. Then buy it. And keep in mind the things money can’t buy. You want those too. Plan for that.

When played in reverse, things fall from your pockets. Yikes! Then things just seem bleak and that’s not good. So make it good. Literally G.O.O.D. ‘Get Out Of Debt’. Is what the tall avatar with purple boots is expressing.

XI Justice

The Justice card is about honesty and obeying the law. However, the best you can ask for is being almost honest and keep a low profile. That’s because dishonesty is a defense mechanism people turn to for self preservation. But let’s not make it about other people. Unlike you, they’re not aware. You are the one who has to do inner work and rise above base mechanisms. Become an example of a good person. Start by asking yourself, ‘What are you hiding?’ Or, ‘What are you hiding from?’

The shadow side or reverse side of justice is corruption and that happens when you are consumed with dishonesty. It’s a trap, once you cross that line into the troll kingdom, you’re doomed. Don’t be a liar. You’ll become one of those trolls. Ugly and living in a perpetual flux of distorted reality with no neck and stubby fingers. It’s a personal hell. Whether played upright or upside down, this card is scary warning. It’s hard to be honest and easy to be corrupt. Your integrity may be at risk.

XiX The Sun

If your question is,  ‘How can I improve my  relationships?’ The Sun card played at this time compels you to remember your dependence on others. The sun is a daily reminder that there is always something greater than yourself in service on your behalf.  Where would you be if you didn’t have a relationship with The Sun?  The prime light source in all of human existence.  With her vital light waves stimulating happiness particles inside of you so you can enjoy your vacations.  

Played In reverse, drab days and dreary nights,  cloudy and damp times  is the reality of the day.  Yet Sun’s light still nourishes you.  The sun lies on the spectrum between vast and  minute.  Like yourself.  The sun is indeed immense and a tiny sentient who relies on  a  relationship with you in order to exist.