Zib’s Sketchbook Tarot

As I continue to create my own tarot deck I’ve come across an issue. How much detail goes into each card. It’s a question of consistency which, I find problematic. Consistency is a discipline I struggle with but to my credit, at least I am aware of it. Here are a few examples to be considered. I get excited about one card, such as The (singing) Empress card. I put a lot into it. Then the next card, The Emperor, not so much. However the card’s simplicity works too. In a minimalist sort of way. Maybe I have to do two decks…

I ask myself what motivates me to do this and it always comes down to FUN. It’s fun alright, but seriously, creating a tarot deck is also about wanting to experience the supernatural and learn the divine unknowable stuff of life. To learn about myself and my own divinity.

Tarot cards are a form of divination. Divination is a way to seek divine knowledge through supernatural means. Divination is based on the premise that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. A reason known only to God (Or the universal mind, my God likes to be called The Universal Mind).

With powerful universal forces operating in the background of our lives all the time, our choices carry with it a divine reason for whatever we’ve chosen. While we don’t always know the reason; it all happens for a reason nonetheless. So even choosing a random card isn’t random at all. Rather it’s a purposeful choice. It’s purposeful especially if you’re led to a meaningful outcome. This is what keeps me playing the tarot game.

In creating a tarot deck, I get better at understanding signs and symbols. I’m modeling this version of Zib’s Tarot after the classic Rider Waite imagery. Of the hundreds of decks out there the Rider Waite imagery works best on me. I am creating this deck solely on the computer using Apple-Sketchbook. The size is formatted and the three cards above have a similar consistency in detail. Don’t you agree? Let’s see if I have the consistency to get a winner to the finish line. Oh yes! I’m going to make millions of dollars! It should be fun.

Space-Blog: Graffiti

Tarot Deck Collection. Thank you for your inquiry morgantarot.wordpress.com I don’t have a favorite among them, I’m still waiting for one to pick me.
One can find graffiti just about everywhere! However, you’ll never catch a graffiti artist in action. Escape is a part of the craft.
The big picture is the west side of the 8 Mile Road train bridge and the inset is my daughter looking at the east side of the bridge. Tres-colorful!
These two images are a zoom-series-photograph of a Little Yellow Orb discovered sticking to a service berry branch in my yard. It’s a phenomenal thing. I swear I didn’t retouch the photo and the day was overcast so you can rule out a solar aberration.

The Science of Life

The covid-crisis has me praying for the world more than ever. Pray hard, pray fast! There’s so much going on! Including how I finished my bachelor’s degree in metaphysics during this time. You can see my diploma. I spent many years. Yes, I feel better, different, POWERFUL! In spite of death and disease in the time of covid, The world is a better place by one degree. Knowledge and awareness is power, power to heal.

Modern metaphysics is the study of nonphysical reality. Science backs metaphysics yet doesn’t quite prove the fact of it because metaphysics is like a witness, a witness to the hard-to-quantify, conceptual energies of life. The whole definition can go very deep, but it’s good to know that metaphysics helps explain things I was never taught but always wondered about. What I know about metaphysics today makes my life easier and lessens anxiety. Are you inclined to explore deeper? Don’t you want the benefits of awareness and to be a supernatural? Refer to my March blog-post titled Metaphysics and click HERE for more about my bachelor’s degree.

The following categories and titles from my course-work are a sampling of subjects in the metaphysical realm:

World Religions: Native American studies, Reincarnation, Mystical Beginnings of Christianity, Mayan Calendar

Consciousness: Meditation, Shadow Work, Connecting with Angels, Healing the inner child.

Intuitive skills: Divination, Hypnosis and beyond, Reiki, Psychic Skills

Health & healing: Herbs, Sexual Identity and Spirituality, Vibrational Healing, Enneagram

Zib’s Tarot: Backside of Card

Is it not surprising how many topics occur under metaphysics? All worth exploring. My bachelor’s degree also requires a creative bachelor’s-project. This blog is an expression of that project. The work is ongoing. Inside this blog are 2 pieces of work in progress. My calendar Journal and, Zib’s Tarot deck. Along with other original art and creative writing.

You might notice pieces of my Calendar Journal here & there within my QuantumParadise blog. Creating it is therapeutic and a way to know myself better. I am working on the last sheet of my desk-pad. It’s taken awhile to fill in each date with drawings and musings. Maybe one day you and my kids and everyone will benefit from my stories and artwork. We’ll all be healed!

This is a photographed and polished example of my Calendar Journal. Also: look for this book: Metaphysics: The Science of Life by Anthony J. Fisichella (see 27th day in the above example? That’s from the book.)

Peace Angels

Thank you Peace-Bird

My Hospital asked me to come back to the massage clinic. I can choose not to work anymore and take retirement in this time of covid. But I am going back anyway because I have a mission to alleviate suffering on this planet. This is a healing mission for me to do my part to ease agony and angst thru massage work. One human at a time as it were…

As I strive for this, I want to be wise about what I project into the world, So today I am posting a message of peace. It comes at a time when forces are in parlous balance. My hope is to influence the balance in favor of humankind. I’ll start by choosing to be a center of peace. Breathe deep and exhale to the max.. Then ask the angels and saints and every benevolent energy-orb to assist in this.

Thanks Coach and Leif Erixxon.

We all know words have power. When heavy words like fragmented and fractured brings its dissenting tone upon us. We coalesce with grace and conscientiousness to rise above that. That’s why I asked for angel help in this post! Just saying the word angel invokes their presence and power. Defining peace then sets the tone for peace; Peace is: kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, charity, compassion, goodness, calm and all this given to all people.

As I work to apply peace to my life and practice, I’ll watch my words and be aware of not only what I say and do but, what motivates me. Pope John Paul II said, “With the smallest act of good a single person has a mysterious effect on social transformation and participates in the growth of everyone.” Let’s appeal to that mysterious effect…


About the middle of the last century, a phenomenal thing happened to me. It started with a little toy I received from a visit to the doctor’s office. It wasn’t much of a toy really. A tiny bottle shaped like a construction worker that had a screw-on hat. You could fill it with orange juice and take sips from it! One day I was playing in the bathroom with the toy when a extraordinary thing happened that you’re likely not to believe. But that’s ok.

Believe it or not, that inconspicuous, punky little toy figure with a screw-on hat and hollow-brown-semi-shiny-body-which, could be filled with various liquids, that toy, was sucked with surprising gravity from my little phalanges (fingers). This was the last time I ever held it in my stubby 4-year-old hand. What happened to the toy!? Looking at the following depiction you’d assume that the little kid threw the toy in the toilet.

That’s where you’d be wrong because if you look closely, you’ll notice there’s nothing, not even a drip of water is in that toilet. That toy and everything in the toilet was sucked out through the vent pipe on the roof and up into the stratosphere by some sort of extraterrestrial tracker beam!

Shut the fuck up! You’re probably saying. And then exclaiming, There’s no such thing as extraterrestrial tractor beams! But they are real and I’ll tell you how I know. One day far into my future I found the toy in the 5 Mile Road landfill. It’s an amazing story involving dreams of memories-never-remembered from the state of subconscious revery.

There I was standing atop that heap at the 5 Mile Road landfill. A chilled-wave of recognition flooded over me as I saw sticking out of the heap of putridity my toy. Naturally, I reached down to pick it up. And there I held it in my gaze with astounding amazement and wondrous examination…

This was my toy from long lost years ago! I unscrewed it’s little yellow hat. As this was being accomplished a fitzzz sound emitted from the opening giving me the impression of a fresh soda. Compelled I was, compelled to take a sip of the substance contained inside. I drank from my toy construction worker bottle of which I had not seen for more than half a century! Orangey-orange it was. Like the juice I’d sip out of it when I was a little kid. I drank it down and that’s when the memories-never-remembered began to take over.

I recalled a child in a meadow, where eminent-eyed dragonflies buzzed overhead. Was this me, or my great-great-grandson, generations into the future? A child prodigy who invents useful things such as a spactoflorbgravtivnomier that allows things that it’s attached to, to levitate.

The story goes on but I’m stopping here. I’ll spare you the horrid outcome of how the spactoflorbgravtivnomier fell into the wrong hands. The government used it to wage a propaganda campaign by suspending billboards over the highways. You can understand how corruption and gas-lighting supervened. That’s why I don’t want to go into it. It’s depressing. And why does this dream-kid have only one eye? I don’t know yet. Maybe Xibotron knows.

I appreciate how you stuck with me thus far. Because you’re such a kind soul I want to give you something. Something to show how much I care for you. It’s a Bouquet! A Bouquet of Memories.

Rare Wild White Orchid

Back in the early part of this century, 8-8-8 actually, I discovered a rare, wild, white, orchid. Standing-out with fuchsia orchids that would turn-out to be wild sweet peas. This flower was the only white flower amongst thousands. I was compelled to photograph it. Just for you as it turns out! Happily I had my camera that sunny August day. I was on a short wheel base recumbent bike at the time. (took a picture of that too)

This is a Michigan roadside vine-plant that likes to climb highway fences. You can see the fuchsia flower in the background. It’s a unique find and a pretty little thing that looks so alive and healthy in it’s tricky urban environment. It makes me so happy!

Apple Heaven

Seeking is part of our human nature. I seek daily, hourly even. Why? Because there’s a lot going on and you have to do everything, everything before your time’s up! If you don’t complete your mission before you’re dead then you have to return to earth for another tour of duty. Imagine what that’s going to be like!

What do people seek? You may be asking. Have you heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Basically, you seek food and shelter. Then once you have that you seek companionship. When that’s satisfied, you seek worldly success. When all the dust settles from building your ordinary life, you then seek loftier, spiritual horizons. I’m here to tell you there’s even more beyond all that!

Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to seek heaven on earth. Look for all the joy you can find. Having met the criterion for fulfilling most of your physical and psychological needs; You deserve time now to journey-on and discover that which cannot be explained. Meanwhile be mindful that others are not as evolved as you.

Post Script: It’s important that once all your needs are met then you have to impart good will upon all your thousands of enablers. You have to do it. It’s kind of a law. If you don’t cerebral spooge builds-up until your brain-crevicals rupture.

Mongo & Irv

Life on the urban trail isn’t easy unless you’re a couple of grackles who have mastered magic realism. This vaguely reminds me of my brother and me. My little brother was hit by a car three times. I was run over by a car while riding my tricycle. My older brother was nailed by a car and spent time in the hospital with a concussion. Not to make light of getting hit by a car, it happened many years ago. Nevertheless, we’re all here to tell our stories. None the worse for wear and tear.


Let us all go to the great state of Grace.

And not just for vacation.

Rather, we’re going to live there.

The state of Grace is surrounded by a divine, impenetrable force field.

Once there, no bothersome shit can get through to make us anxious.

And space rhymes with grace and grace comes from God and God is everywhere like space is everywhere and space rhymes with grace and grace comes from God and God is everywhere like space is everywhere and space rhymes with grace and grace comes from God and God is everywhere like space is everywhere and space rhymes with grace and grace comes from God and God is everywhere like space is everywhere and space rhymes with grace and grace comes from God and God is everywhere like space is everywhere…ad infinitum.

Brain Zone Anatomy

My names is Pen and I’m filling-in today. Zib is preoccupied for some reason. So I am here to give you a lesson in brain anatomy. Let’s begin with the following brain map. As you can see, we’ve divided the human brain into three zones, A, B and C. Zone-C is the base brain and it’s where swearing comes from. I’m encouraging people to stop swearing so much especially around children. We must protect their innocence. Zone-B is the everyday brain. This zone is used everyday. This brain area manages our ordinary lives. Finally, there’s the very important yet under-used zone, Zone-A.

Zone-A is the invisible brain. This sparkly, effervescent brain zone is used to connect to the great quantum net. You can best access this zone through deep breathing, exercise and meditation. If you use this zone a lot you’ll benefit by feeling smarter and more empathetic. Using this brain zone consistently, exposes you to the genuine truth of reality. Try using all 3 zones at once for fun! Now that you know brain-zone-anatomy; Spend more time using Zone-A. Then be open to receive the holy flux and flow of quantum love.