Eat More Plants.

Man, I found out I have repressed empathy. Now that I’m aware of it, this new empathy no longer allows me to controvert eating dead cow to eating pot-roast. I’m realizing that there’s a possibility death festers within that blob of meat. Now that my repressed empathy is leaking out, It’s becoming too clear that I am eating the death and stress and fear of the poor suffering animal. Yikes! I feel it putrefying in my belly and becoming a part of who I am! Oh that’s so gross and makes me empathize even more with the creature who was once that torpid chunk of tissue bleeding upon my plate. I’m eating blood and vessels, muscle fibers, hormone juices and lipid pustules. It’s time to change and become an herbivore.

Pain Bird and Worm in an absurd reality.

I am powerless, man… Powerless against natural forces such as gravity and disintegration, but not powerless when it comes to choices in what I eat! My mission as a peaceful man on earth is to promote compassion, harmony, healing, and unconditional love. Which are all probably repressed as well.

I’ll ask for guidance and herein I’m kindly guided to eat more plants and fewer animal products. I know that everybody will believe and eat whatever they want. My prayer is that people of the world become more mindful and make meaningful, beneficial choices that are kind to all. That is whenever possible. For I know all food is sacred and we must eat. So I might eat an animal on occasion, but I know it’ll be served with the bitter herb of hypocrisy, man.

And now a word from our sponsor. A Zibotoon created on a piece of junk mail. It has nothing to do with being an herbivore. It’s here because life is more than one thing.


Guitar Man

Guitar Man and Lily on vocals
Thank you Jesus!

My iMac is eleven years old. It won’t take the updates like it used to. Yet here it serves a creative enclave for built-up spew that you may benefit from.

I’m aware that the spewage disgorged upon this page strives for deeper meaning… Oh, that I could only write that one in a million verse and blow your mind. Like Carol King or Dante’. Dream on, says I, dream on…

goat and llama

In another dream, I played guitar and put music to these songs. I would strum such a superb sound, it didn’t matter that the words made no sense.

And now, For your viewing pleasure, a BoNUS Zibotoon! Starring Madaline!

Maddie, a terrific pup who loves, loves, loves her SunBeam.

A Cure For Warts

Metaphysically speaking , warts represent repressed emotions. They are a physical manifestation of guilt or anger. If you have guilt or anger it’s usually over a relationship or some stressful life event. So here’s an imagery-meditation I want you to try that cures warts. While reading, play new age meditation music, such as Anugama’s Shamanic Dream on you-tube. The music enhances the soothing prose and will help release all your worries, all your tension, all your fears…

Crystal Blue Meadow Lake

Just relax and as you relax I want you to imagine that you are in a boundless meadow.   On the horizon of the meadow you see the outer reaches of space with planets and stars and the endless cosmos.  In this meadow are wild flowers with tan and green stems and flower tops of indigo and purple.  Alighting on the flowers are butterflies with crystal wings and yellow bodies.  The vista is dazzling and a vision displayed before you in utter clarity. 

The meadow is sun drenched in benevolent galactic radiation. There’s an easy graceful  breeze.  You can feel the breeze now on your ears and face. It’s warmly and gently playing with strands of your hair.  Now you notice a path in the meadow and the path leads down to a beautiful, tranquil blue lake.  The path has stepping stones. Each stone is progressively lower down on the path.  You choose to take the path and in this choice you find a deep blissful feeling overcomes you.  You have made a good choice and you feel good about this. 

Meadow Tree and Crystal Butterflies

As you step on the first stone leading to the crystal, clear blue lake, the tranquil, blissful feeling becomes more intense.  Even euphoric and compelling.  Now the more steps you take down the path toward the lake the more intense the feeling of bliss and tranquility becomes. You take yet one more step. Your foot touches the stone and more euphoria floods your body.  You wind down this path to the lake and as you do this you begin to feel whole and healed.  The farther you go down the deeper the blissfulness becomes. So with each stepping stone you touch you want to touch another stone and go even deeper. You step on another stone and the healing power of the path makes your next few steps as if you’re weightless.  Every sensation, every vision becomes more and more clear to you.  Your body is swooning in the tranquility, bliss and peacefulness.

Sprigs and Flutterbies

As you reach the final stone that leads you to the crystal blue lake shore you are in a profound state of peace. The lake is at your feet and your feet are bare.  The water is lapping upon your bare feet and this adds to your ever deepening sensations as you are now transcending this space.  You wade into the crystal clear softness of the lake water and your legs become one with the water. Your state of mind goes even deeper than you could have imagined. You go deeper into the lake where you find you become the lake and every sense of being that you knew has changed to expanding joy. 

Lake Girl

You float and you become aware of your breathing.  You are the lake and you are breathing in and breathing out. You become aware that this is where there is no suffering, no pain, no weariness.  You are only joy.  You are a crystal clear blue lake in a cosmic dream.. You are in a vast meadow with a stunning horizon and you are all of this and you are the lake.  This brings you peace and you feel very good.  Very good indeed. 

Island Tree

Now I want you to breathe in and breathe out enjoying this experience for a while. Go deeper and deeper into the experience and stay here  in this energetic, celestial and healing environment allowing your body to heal.  Allowing your body to soak in this healing oneness with the lake.  In this state of oneness your blood pressure normalizes.  All your warts fade quickly and disappear for these warts are withering and decreasing.  These warts are gone. Your immunity is boosted and operating in all needed areas of your body.  Your eyesight improves. Your shoulders and neck become soft and relaxed.  All your organs are more healthy and operating normal.  Your sex life is enjoyable. All your relationships are forgiving and loving. You are accepting, forgiving and nonjudgemental of all people in your life. And people return this attitude back to you.  

Extraterrestrial Flowers

So you may stay here and soak in this healing lake and allow it to make meaningful and beneficial changes to you and to your body.  Stay until the music fades and then come back to your body completely healed and free. Free to live in joy and bliss. Stay in this peaceful, serene surrounding feeling better and better and better.  Stay until the music fades. Read this meditation again and every time you do this you will be more profoundly healed.  You are feeling very good about this now.  You are a divine child of God and feeling healed and whole. This is as God would have His child feel.  All the expressions of health and healing in your life are evident to you and others around you.  You are excited about this. Life is full with joy and heaven on earth.  And this is very good.

Zibotoon Escapade

I’m an illusion. If I wasn’t a supernatural, that statement would depress me. That’s probably why when you tell somebody that they’re an illusion; you get your ass kicked.

Seriously though, isn’t everything an illusion? The reality is that the illusion of an illusion is an illusion. Please don’t misunderstand. I love illusions. The thought of ever losing my illusions should make me cry…

Because of the illusion that we each have latent supernatural powers that makes the invisible world a reality; We can see then how the wind rips superfluous energy particles from our bodies as we cruise the urban trail. A healing experience illusion.

I subscribe to the illusion that Zibotoons become relics worth $ millions $ for the person who discovers the originals rolled up in a drafting tube stored in the corner of my basement.


Without apologies, I have Zibotoons to share with you today. Zibotoons are unfiltered streams of not-necessarily-meant-to-be-funny art and dialogue. My hope is that these serve to be a fun relief from your personal pandemo-politico-eco-climo-crisis! Yikes! Right!?! Zibotoons feature characters like Mr. Supernatural, Xibotron, Leif Erixxon and Grackle D. Bird. If you’re inclined, meditate upon these toons and allow them to deliver you from the suffering weight of the new normal.

From Zib’s Calendar Journal. Thank you very much.

The Sun

When the Sun card (#19) comes up in a tarot reading, it symbolizes your surroundings. Your environment and how you fit in. The Sun has Its influence on us in so many ways. After all, we’re only a few million miles from a frickin’ star for god’s sake.

SUN CARD NUMBER 19 FROM ziB’s TAROT. (grid-paper art $100)

There’s something about the sun I want to share with you. It’s true that the planets revolve around the sun. Similar to this, the sun revolves around the center of the Galaxy with all her little planets orbiting right alongside. We earthlings are entering a new season! Not just Autumn but also a new galactic season. Our proximity to the galaxy center alters our environment immensely.

Occasionally we may look beyond our immediate environment and consider how the vast and powerful cosmos has its tremendous influence on our daily lives. Reflecting on the heavens as a part of our personal environment, we find Planet X which, may be on a collision course with Earth! This would certainly influence your life in a spectacular way! See Tuesday’s exhibit of our solar system.

Wondering about the ways we fit into this stellar environment, for all I know, human souls are the Stars and the planets and other grand things in the universe. These are us and our ancestors, humans in different forms. That may be a stretch of the imagination but you don”t know, some day I may be a supernova so you better be nice to me.




Space Blog: Star-Date 2020

The only thing to do now is fire the retro-rockets set for escape velocity! There is a way to escape. I just don’t know the way. I’m going without knowing where I’m going.

If I can’t escape then I’ll apply metaphysics to get me through my stay. One thing metaphysics teaches is; know- thyself. And a prerequisite to knowing yourself is to be kind to yourself.

This is important even if being kind to yourself feels unnatural. As a benefit, your psychic powers improve immediately because you can predict that something kindly will happen to you.

Kindness goes along with right-mindedness. You are in your right mind when you are kind. It is counter intuitive to be opposite of kindness which is meanness. I’m sure you brilliant intellectuals out there already know that. Was that mean of me? Yes, yes it was. Now I have to make it up to you with extra kindness.

Escape would be nice but when you think about it, escape just means you want something better. That makes escape absolute folly. Folly is the opposite of wisdom. To make things better then… I’ll surround myself with positive energy…. We’ll look for answers to deep questions and to everyone’s benefit we’ll put a positive-spin on our findings. We’ll find out what’s going on in other dimensions and report back. Maybe we’ll learn why humans live in broken bodies. Everybody is broken! And why is everything always mysteriously changing? Why? Because all things are possible. Signing-off from Transmogrospace, Your friend Xibotron. Xibotron from the planet Poliminus. In the Poliminus Galaxy (yes, the same name).

Planet Twinkie

Project kindness in the world. (“>

Because of the temporary nature of life, anything you can think of is an illusion. That said, let’s put Karma in the same category as an illusion you can think of. And since it’s an illusion, do we really need Karma? Karma sometimes makes you feel like a victim. A victim of fear. You’re not a victim except of your own thinking! Maybe Karma’s real purpose is meant to make us aware of fear. Better said, aware of the illusion of fear.


Reincarnation is an awesome idea! It really solves a lot of problems in regards to suffering. I’ll explain. Since everybody has to comeback again and again for another tour of duty, it seems natural you’d get to choose the life you’ll lead. So many choices though! Nevertheless, you choose a different life from the last-life. Sometimes you choose a life with loads of joy. Sometimes a life with drama and profound suffering.


To say suffering is a choice may offend your sensibilities. Please, I mean it forever in the kindest way. But we do suffer by our choices. In my last life. The life I had before this one. I learned enough about illusions to see what’s really going on with this karma and reincarnation thing. I learned that it’s all about making the right choices. So when my time came to return to Planet Twinkie for my next date with destiny, I chose this current personality who, as it turns out, lives a life of charm and grace. Praise the Lord!


I found photos in a National Geographic magazine and rendered these sketches from them using oil pastels. These images speak to me as lives I may have lived! It is said that we are only one perspective of God’s amongst limitless perspectives. Indeed, we each have lived hundreds of lives and are trying on new perspectives with every new life we live. A very entertaining illusion. For my next life I’m going to skip a few cycles and explore Orion’s Nebulae instead. It’s said to be sort of like a galactic state park.

My Secret Identity

I have a blue feather. I found it! I find lots of things. This Planet is just filled with treasure for the finding! Finding is a supernatural power of mine. In finding what I really mean is manifesting. One of my many identities is Tester-the-Manifester. (Here you may note that TESTER is my real last name. As in one who gives an exam or, the Tester-Bed. <– hit this link if you want to see what that looks like. I identify as ZIBOTRON too. That’s my pen-name.)


The idea of many identities is quite intriguing! I won’t make an exhaustive list of all my identities, although my ego really, really wants me to. However, One comes to mind, Lefty-Testy. While you may be too shy to say that out loud, Lefty-Testy fits because I play left handed air-guitar.

The Lock Tester . That name shapes my Engineer identity… One day while on an engineering job, I was handed a project called The Lock-Tester. The Lock-Tester was used on the Hercules C130 cargo plane to measure forces on the locks that held cargo in place. When the boss handed me the project he said, “Work on that Tester Tester!” Yikes! That’s when everybody started calling it Tester’s Tester. But get this, I had to build a special test fixture for the Tester too. So the boss says to me, he says, “work on that Tester-Tester, Tester!” Man!, that gave me anxiety… But I did it anyway. And here’s a picture of the Lock-Tester to show you that it really exists!


The Hercules C130 was used to transport and airdrop many things. The C130 could transport an M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank. But only one at a time. On a separate engineering job I worked on the Stingray Battle Tank which is lighter than the M1A1. Lighter yes, but it still had the 105mm Howitzer firepower. BLAMO! With the light-weight Stingray two tanks could be transported. However, there was a problem… Stingray was so light-weight that the treads came off the ground when the gun was fired. HaHa!


Back to the Hercules C130. The main deck had locks to hold down pallets filled with cargo. The locks had to be tested. That’s what the Lock-Tester was for. But sometimes, instead of cargo, you might want seats to carry passengers. Sometimes you wanted a D-Ring to tie down cargo that wasn’t palletized. Hence a new invention. Behold the Seat Track D-Ring sketch. I got my name (et al) on the patent for this simple invention. Although, all I really did was draw it.

I’ll finish with this piece of calendar art bringing your attention to Friday the 4th. Another blue feather! Imagine that! A purposeful manifestation!